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Questions that will help you know some of your pen pals favorites
  1.  Favorite animal

  2.  Favorite sport

  3.  Favorite color

  4.  Favorite hobby

  5.  Favorite food 

  6.  Favorite dessert

  7.  Favorite time of year

  8.  Favorite holiday

  9.  Favorite flower

  10.  Favorite fruit

  11.  Favorite movie

  12.  Favorite vegetable

  13.  Favorite board/card game

  14.  Favorite book

  15.  Favorite school subject

  16.  Favorite song

By Makaylee

I am a part of 2 virtual choirs called A Million Voices Virtual Choir, which is for all disabilities, and The Sing For Serenity Choir which is for the blind and visually impaired. I am also a part of 1 in-person choir which is a divisional choir. i am a co-founder and soprano section leader for the A million voices virtual choir. I have also traveled to Vancouver Canada 3 years ago. I have 3 cats. I have also volunteered with CNIB’S (Canadien National Institute for the Blinds) youth council for about 1 year now. And I am a cane user.  

Making Somthing Fun!

I was born blind in my left eye and it is small so I wear a prosthetic one over it. Over the years I have had many eyes made by my very talented ocularists. And each one is unique and special, in its own way. 

By Taliah B.


    Typically getting a new eye made has not been something I have enjoyed. To make it more fun I asked my ocularists if they could draw something on the top of my prosthetic eye. And they said yes. On my first one, I requested french fries and on the second one, I requested an owl. It made it so much more fun and look how good they did on all of my eyes. :) 

Do you have something cool on your prosthetic eye or glasses? If so send us a picture and we will put it in Inspiration Corner!

Email us at :

- If you have a prosthetic eye maybe next time you have one made you can ask your ocularists to draw something on your eye!

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